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Behind the Headlines, a service provided by the NHS, offers an unbiased and evidence-based analysis of health stories that make the news. Click here to read more about Behind the Headlines.

Heart scan may detect young people at risk of sudden cardiac death

21 May 2019

Heart scan ‘could pick up signs of sudden death risk’ BBC News report

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Can doing a daily crossword or Sudoku puzzle keep your brain young?

16 May 2019

"Sudoku number crunching could subtract 10 years off your brain age," the Daily Telegraph reports.

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Supplement used for joint pain may reduce risk of heart disease

15 May 2019

"Glucosamine supplements 'may cut heart risk'," reports BBC News. Researchers analysed the diet and lifestyle of almost half a million adults aged 40 to 69 in the UK, and followed them up for an average of 7 years.

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Antibiotics after forceps and ventouse births halve infections in mothers

14 May 2019

"Mothers' infections rates 'could be halved' with routine antibiotics," reports The Daily Telegraph. This was the result of a large UK study in which women were given a single dose of antibiotics after an assisted vaginal birth to prevent infection. An assisted vaginal birth is when forceps or a ventouse suction cup are used to help deliver the baby.

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No clear evidence hormone treatment in early pregnancy helps prevent miscarriage

09 May 2019

"Hormone 'can reduce chances of miscarriage'," reports BBC News

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UK couples having less frequent sex than 10 years ago

08 May 2019

"Young Brits are having less sex than a decade ago because they're too busy watching Netflix," reports the Sun. Researchers used survey data from almost 35,000 people aged 16 to 44 in the UK. The surveys were done in 1991, 2001 and 2012. The surveys found women were most likely to report having sex 3 times a month in 2012, compared with 4 times a month in 2001 and 1991, while men were most likely to report having sex 3 times a month in each year.

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Social media effect on teen life satisfaction 'is tiny', study reports

07 May 2019

"Time spent on social media has only a 'trivial' impact on life satisfaction among adolescents," reports The Guardian

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Can erection problem medicines help reverse heart failure?

02 May 2019

"Viagra-like erectile dysfunction drug Cialis may tackle heart disease too," reports the Sun. Researchers investigated the effect of the medicine tadalafil, brand name Cialis, on sheep hearts.

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New type of dementia identified

01 May 2019

"Form of dementia that 'mimics' Alzheimer's symptoms discovered," reports The Guardian. An international team of researchers has proposed a name for a type of brain disease that causes dementia symptoms: Limbic-predominant Age-related TDP-43 Encephalopathy, or LATE.

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Poor sense of smell in the elderly linked with higher risk of dying

30 April 2019

'Routine sense of smell tests could be used to spot signs of dementia' The Guardian reports

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Guidelines issued on activity and screen time for babies and toddlers

25 April 2019

"Kids under two should never be allowed to watch any screens – or they'll get fat," warns the Sun. The alarming headline gives the flavour of reports in much of the UK media about the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommendations on how much time each day children under age 5 should spend on physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep.

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Widely used diabetes drug may hold potential to aid long-term weight loss

24 April 2019

'Diabetes drug metformin could help you lose weight, say scientists who found it works better than diet and exercise at keeping the bulge off' the Mail Online reports

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Regularly skipping breakfast linked to increased risk of heart disease and stroke

23 April 2019

'Skipping breakfast may raise risk of heart disease by up to 87 per cent, study finds' The Sun reports

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